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Meet Monique McCray-Jackson, wife, mom, author, and CEO of Neeky Peeky Designs

I absolutely love accessorizing! So when I stumbled upon this Dope Black Woman and saw that she created accessories I immediately jumped at the chance to make a purchase. From the very first encounter, I was hooked! She provided excellent customer service and a product that has made me a repeat customer. Monique McCray-Jackson wears many hats, mother, wife, author, but she recently added one more, CEO of Neeky Peeky Designs. Her accessory line, based in Pahokee, Florida, seeks create products that represent Black culture. I for one am a fan.

Check out her interview below as we cover everything from birthing creativity in the midst of a pandemic to finding ways to heal. This was such a therapeutic interview. Be sure to follow her on IG @neekypeekydesigns and visit her Etsy shop .

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