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Meet "Mommy Be Blinging" CEO Candace Allgood Moten

Some girlfriends are the kind that literally give you all the feels. They make you feel gorgeous by hyping up your posts on social media and telling you how adorable your kiddos are. They are exactly who you need when your bucket needs filling. The fun part is when they allow you to fill their buckets in the same way. This next small business owner and Boss Mama is ALLGOOD in that department! As she is always smiling and genuinely full of joy!

Meet Candace Allgood Moten, wife, mom, and CEO of Mommy Be Blinging. Candace is a Jackson, MS native now living in Slidell, LA. She is the fabulous wife to her super cool hubby Chris and mom to her three beautiful Moten children.

During the pandemic, Candace who is an educator by day, became a hustler of BLING by night. She has always been obsessed with fashion and allowed that to help influence her decision to own her own business offering fabulous jewelry for $5. She lives by the mission of helping women treat themselves to something fabulous while staying within their budget. But it is so much bigger than owning a business or even building a brand...her business venture literally became a part of her self-care during the pandemic. (Since we are keeping it honestly became a part of my own self care too!) Often times as mommies we get burned out from caring for everyone else and end up letting our own self care suffer. Candace found a way to restore her joy while helping other women do the same!

Now you know how I love to shop and finally I found a space where I can spend and not feel buyer's remorse later. The fun thing about this small business owner is that she not only offers gorgeous fashion jewelry for low costs, she also shows how to style them via super cute FB live videos on her Mommy Be Blinging FB page. Her contagious laugh and beautiful smile makes the bling shine brighter!

Check out our interview below and find out why Mommy Be Blinging is more than a business venture...

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