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Meet Dr. Karina Taylor of Renewed Wellness

I feel like I can't really talk about my journey to health and wellness without spotlighting the dynamic duo of Renewed Wellness. Dr. Karina Taylor and Dr. Joseph Taylor literally helped me get back on my feet after nearly a year of knee injuries and immobility through a series of visits to their West Palm Beach Chiropractic office, Renewed Wellness. I have to take a moment to highlight the Dope Black Chiropractor that is, Dr. Karina Taylor. Better known as Dr. K, she is a native of Miami, FL with a passion for holistic care and healing the body through chiropractic treatment.

"Renewed Wellness has a mission to positively affect the lives of the people in their community by educating them on the life changing miracles that chiropractic treatment and lifestyle provide, by doing so, we will empower them to take control of their health and live happier, healthier lives."

I am a testament that Renewed Wellness is living up to their brand's mission. I went into their practice with limited mobility and completely out of shape. Now, I am able to work out each day and my overall health is significantly better. They didn't give me any magic potions or pills to take. They simply realigned my body and gave me the knowledge that I needed to function in a much healthier capacity. It is such an empowering feeling.

Check out my interview with Dr. K and learn just how DOPE she is at what she does among so many other things.

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