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Meet Dr. Chaiqua Harris of @CounselingCornerWithQuia

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

To have Dope Black Women as some of your best friends and voices of reason is a treasure that it takes another Dope Black Woman to adequately appreciate. I can say confidently, that I have the pleasure of knowing lots of Dope Black Women in a variety of fields. Dr. Chaiqua Harris (pronounced Shuh-quee-yah Hair-iz) is definitely one of my greatest friend assets. Quia, as I affectionately call her, is a Counselor Educator and Researcher who hails from my home state of Mississippi. A true Southern Diva and impressive fashionista, Quia recently took on a new task of sharing her counseling perspective with her Instagram followers through her #counselingcornerwithquia weekly segment! Prior to starting the independent page, Quia shared weekly nuggets that help to normalize conversations around mental health and wellness and bring attention to removing the stigmas associated with Black folks, mental health, and therapy.

"It's ok to not be ok!"

A passion that has revealed itself in purpose is what I like to call her posts. Each Wednesday, I wait patiently to hear what gem she will drop so I can share it with my followers. There are no topics that are taboo and the clips are usually a minute or less. Imagine having your entire mental space revitalize in less than a minute! That is what Quia delivers each week in the most authentic and transparent fashion!

In an era where self care is essential for survival, Counseling Corner with Quia reminds us that self care requires more than a massage or a spa day. Our mental health and wellness are critical components to healthy living and as she reminds me often, "it is ok to not be ok!"

Follow Quia on Instagram @counselingcornerwithquia to get your weekly dose of encouragement and perspective! Check out our in-depth interview below as she drops more gems on navigating mental health, how and why she started sharing her videos, and life as a Black woman PhD!

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