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Meet Britney Clark, Owner of Inez Queen Water

So I participated in a Speak Life challenge at the beginning of this year and while engaging in a truly life changing experience I encountered Britney L. Clark. At first glance, I saw Britney and noticed another beautiful Black woman. What I didn't know at that was just how Dope she truly is. Fast forward a week or two later and I noticed an ad for Inez Queen Water on my friend Quia's Mindfully Fashioned App. I immediately wanted to know what Inez Queen Water was so I reached out to the owner and little did I know it was Britney Clark.

Britney Clark is a native or Wesson, MS now residing in Eastland County, TX. She is the owner of Inez Queen Water LLC is a black-women owned 100% natural spring water company who serves their water in reusable 16 oz glass bottles. There’s a community aspect of the company that operates under the name #IQWaterTribe with a focus to bring women together to promote the mindset of giving life, living life, and protecting life.

Britney started the company to build COMMUNITY around the health of women and using hydration as the ultimate fuel for life. As a part of the company, I created the #IQWaterTribe for women who give life, live life and protect life. Women easily join the tribe by purchasing water, sharing their stories to be featured in our newsletters and learning how their vibrancy can make their lives and families more manageable. I’m motivated to put a stop to premature death in women whether it’s due to health or giving birth. Because I can’t be everywhere at the same time, I desire to build a massive network of #IQWaterTribe leaders across the United States to host in-person Events when society opens back up. I’m motivated to keep women at their best to live ALIVE.

How did you get started in the business?

Britney: The story behind my business started on a lovely Sunday afternoon in August 2020! I was watching a church broadcast from one of my favorite ministers and he shared great industries to start businesses in! As he shared about 10 industries, including food, gold, onyx and others, WATER stuck with me. I was so inspired that I pulled out my journal and decided to plan to start a water business. Ironically, I had met a family who had a natural spring on their private property the day before. I reached out to the owner and quickly formed an agreement. The name of the company “Inez” comes from my paternal grandmother. I’ve never seen her before and unfortunately I don’t know what she looks like. She died in 1972 at the young age of 48 years old from Breast cancer. The few pictures my family had of her were destroyed in a house fire. After researching her name, it means “holy” and “pure” which describes the nature of the water! I chose “Queen” because I believe this is what every woman is and should embody on a daily basis. Women are so strong, loving and caregiving and I want to create the narrative of praising women often for reigning in their power. The last part of the name “Water” is the 100% natural, raw spring water my company currently serves in 16 oz GLASS bottles made in the United States. I chose glass with a swing top because glass is a healthier container for liquids especially in hot temperatures. The bottles are also reusable! Many of my customers reuse the bottles for detoxes, wine, oil, vinegar, decoration and more!

How does your brand impact the African-American, Black community?

Britney: My brand’s target market is black women. The impact is “benefit based education” around holistic health, a clean source of water to hydrate their bodies effectively and develop community to decrease loneliness and separation and increase support.

Check out my interview with this Dope Black Queen and learn the power of hydration!

Be sure to Follow on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook: @inezqueenwater and use WATER10 to get 10% off your first order!

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