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Let people change and heal at their own pace!

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

There’s honestly nothing scarier as a parent than watching your child hurt and feeling like there is nothing you can do about it. Friday afternoon as I was picking up my toddler from school she did her usual excited run to me when I pulled up. This time she decided to jump into my arms but she was still too far away and when she jumped despite me trying to catch her I couldn’t. I wasn’t close enough. When she came down her foot slipped causing her to fall back and hit her head on the concrete curb.

All I heard was a loud crack and I’m now close enough to scoop her up. I’m sure I either cussed really loud or screamed “Oh my God!” Either way all I wanted to do was ball up and cry but I couldn’t. I had to be the parent.

Her teacher acted fast. She snapped right to it, grabbed an ice pack, and guided us to the nurse. As professionally and as calmly as possible the nurse breaks down what I need to do to make sure she’s ok. It may not seem serious but it was. 3-4 centimeters of swelling immediately on the back of her head.

All I heard was if she doesn’t respond....then you should...(then my ears went blank)!

She clearly was knocked out of her element but she was fully conscious and responding very slowly. If you have ever heard me talk about Laila, then you know she is extremely sassy...ALL THE TIME!!

My nerves were shot!

I just needed her to be sassy and regular. She was not!

It took about an hour and a half for her to get back to her chatty sassy self. It felt like a lifetime. My friend Tammie just happened to reach out during that time and I told her what was going on. She sent me a voice prayer and it soothed my spirit. I took the time the prayer and then I stilled myself.

I shared all of this to say that if you are looking for God to move you have to take your hands off so he can work. He can’t move when you’re caught up in it. I wanted to be the reason she jolted back to life. I wanted her to get over it when I was ready because it was causing me discomfort. But the reality is she was hurt and hurting. She needed time to heal and we have to learn to respect the process when people are hurt and require time for healing.

That whole process taught me so much about respecting change and healing. Laila’s fall changed her. My falls have changed me. We go through changes all the time and often feel pressured by others to process it quickly and move on. Let’s normalize not doing that. Let people sit with their hurt and their change until they are ready to move on and heal from it. If you’re the one trying to heal then fall back and let the work be done. You’ve got this!



A recap of our weekend!

Shortly after the fall

Decided to take a walk the next day!

Laila kicking back before t-ball this morning!

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