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Knowing your worth is an essential part of self care

First things first, I had a birthday a week ago today but wasn’t able to celebrate because my entire house was sick with Covid. I literally have been on the mend all week. We managed to go this entire time without getting sick and then boom 🤯 school starts and a week later every single one of us is sick. I was so excited counting down til my birthday but being sick completely overshadowed it. I am grateful that we are all much better and completely have my guard back up because we don’t want to experience it again because it sucked so bad.

So happy birthday to me and Happy Blogaversary to we are so happy to see what another year will bring!!

Now let’s talk about self worth…

Too many of us are attaching our self worth to things that we have minimal to no control over. Things like how people feel about us, how much money we have, and/or our appearance. In reality, we can get millions of likes and followers on social media and still not have a single friend or functioning relationship. We could be rich or wealthy and still feel worthless because we lack the interactions that we desire. We could have the “perfect” body and still experience feelings of dissatisfaction and disappointment when we look in the mirror. Money, appearance, and popularity or what others think about you aren’t what makes you worthy. How you feel and think about yourself is what makes you worthy.

Too many of us are relying on the opinions of others to determine how we view ourselves. We are allowing the jobs we do (which some of us love) and the money we make (or don’t make) to determine our worth. The reality is we are worthy even if we never make a six figure salary, or if you never go viral, or more importantly if you never perfect your figure. Our worth isn’t attached to some number, whether that number is a bank account figure, a number on a scale, or an amount of social media followers. You will find your true worth when you figure out what makes you feel happiest…what makes you feel warm and beautiful.

If you want to be a content creator but you’re waiting until you have a bunch of followers, don’t wait. The people who will love your content are waiting on you to create it so they can share it. If you’re waiting for your bank account to grow exponentially before you can be happy, don’t wait, be happy with what you have or don’t have and work to grow it. It will make the process much more tolerable. You might even enjoy it. Lastly, if you’re waiting until you get the body you want to love the body you have…don’t wait, love who you are now and as you work to transform your body (because like everything else it requires work) you will begin love and value your body in an amazing way.

Remember…your worth and your wealth are not the same. You, the person, will always be more valuable no matter how much money you make or have! Knowing your worth is an essential part of self care.

Take our quick poll and let’s talk more about self worth.



P.S. I will be celebrating my birthday on the 14th of every month for the next year since I didn’t get to celebrate at all. If you want to join in and celebrate feel free to show me some birthday cashapp love to $MsChellz or Venmo @iammichellerena I am grateful for any and all gifts received. 😘😘😘

Do you know your worth?

  • 0%Yes, I know my worth.

  • 0%No, I’m honestly struggling to find my worth.

  • 0%I don’t know, I hadn’t really thought about it.

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