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It’s my Joy season…

The word says “Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning!” Sometimes joy is hard to recognize. We often sit waiting to see JOY as if it’s going to just show up out of nowhere. What I realize is in order to have joy you sometimes have to look for it. Joy can be evasive if you aren’t actively seeking it. You have to seek joy and you’ll find it. I am committed to finding joy in the little things and I know that just as I affirm this there will be things that attempt to steal my joy. I WILL NOT LET IT! Joy is mine today and every day!

It’s my JOY season. While it may seem as though days are harder and stress levels are high. I know that joy comes in the morning. I have to make the conscious effort to choose joy daily! I won’t let joy evade me even in what feels like the most difficult times.



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