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I’m Grateful for my Unconditional Friendships

Can we talk about how amazing it is to have unconditional friendships…

You know what I mean…the friendships that aren’t contingent on you talking to one another everyday. As we become older and life does what it does we know that things like parenting, adulthood, and work/life balance become a bit of a juggling act. Now add in friendships along with all of the other relationships you have to manage.

It all becomes one crazy juggling act and we all know how that goes.

This is why I am so grateful for my “unconditional friends” they are the ones that don’t require daily contact but every time you connect, you pick up right where you left off.

When you find these kinds of friends honor them and give them the same grace that they give you! When you have these kinds of friendships you have truly hit the jackpot! Pretty much all of my crew rocks in this space and for that I am grateful and recognize the blessing!

Also, if you haven't followed me on TikTok or Instagram yet, that is where I post my #dailydeposits each day! Sometimes they make it to the blog but...again time is of the essence. Anywho, I absolutely love each of you and appreciate that you are still rockin with us. I miss Mon and our weekly catchups but we are going to figure this next phase out. In the meantime, I pray you are well.



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I hope you and your family are well!


I miss you too!!! And am thankful for you.

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