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I ain't got shit to say, or so I thought...

So I thought a topic would come to me, but here we are at another Talk about It Thursday, and nothing. 'Mon, with nothing to say?'

I know, right? So instead of forcing a topic, I figure we could check in. We are almost a year from the dismantling of what we thought was normal.

How are you doing?

Have you found healthy ways to cope?

A lot of people have asked what it's been like being over here in, and I'll be honest. It's a blessing and a curse, but mostly a blessing since the US is looking real dumpster fire - esque.

When the schools closed last March, I was stressed tf out. I'm talking stresssssed. So much frustration. From starting a new job and being worried I'd get let go, because I had to go home with the kids, to dealing with requirements from 2 different teachers one of whom I was not fond of at all. Managing all 3 all day while my husband worked a weird ass schedule. It was a lot, but I managed the best I could. So how did I cope? I baked. A lot. Cookies, cakes, biscuits, cinnamon rolls. You name it, I baked...and ate it.

Thank God for summer break though, right? Nope, because that just rubbed salt into the wound. I had to cancel our trip home, plus our kid free trip to Vegas. No new tattoo either. All the months of excitement gone down the drain. And as things seem to get worse, going anywhere in Japan, let alone the world, seemed to slip away. Dining in, karaoke, exploring areas outside of our prefecture (that's like county *correction: more like a state size wise*) all ebbed and flowed depending on cases. That shit mostly ebbed though.

Time kept rolling. Neighbors moved as they always do in this life, and the kids became hermits. What's outside, Precious? Not to mention we were unsure if the kids would go back in August. Once we got the confirmation that they would, I promise I broke into a praise dance.

When school started, we had to figure out the mask thing. Remembering that they needed them daily was a chore. New social distancing measures in place. No open house. I honestly haven't be this in the dark regarding school ever in the 6 years since Reina started kindergarten.

Birthday/holiday season starts in August (my bday month) in my house, so that was a nice change of pace. And they started on base activities again for the kids. Youth Sports, instructionals, all started back up, and we were able to do things. I also was back in the office.

Chaos reigned but I welcomed it, because as I've said, being a stay at home mom isn't really my thing. (If it's yours, I tip my hat, cause bruh.) Meanwhile my friends were still in the throws of virtual/in person/homeschool. Gotta say I'm thankful to be where I am, even if it does mean I won't see my family for 3 years. I've created a family here in Misawa and also online so that helps dulls the sting.

Looking back though, the slow down was necessary. It allowed me to see what was important to me and what wasn't, plus now I bake as a love language and not for stress management.

Guess I did have something to say. Just needed to start typing.

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