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Hustling is overrated!

It’s hump day and I am exhausted. I have been going nonstop for months and I can feel it wearing down on me. Why are we so obsessed with grind culture? It’s not healthy! Yet we are pushing ourselves to limits that are causing fatigue and even have health effects on our bodies.

I can admit that sometimes the hustle is necessary. As you’re building your brands and businesses, you definitely have to go hard. But that shouldn’t be at the expense of your health. Step back and reevaluate what you desire to do and what you’re doing to achieve it! Are they in alignment? Are you in alignment? You have to check yourself because if you don’t. Your body will!

Everyone is pushing grind culture and no one is advocating for rest. I’m here to let you know that rest is essential to the grind. You can not expect your body to keep going day after day without giving it the proper rest.

The same goes for your mind and your spirit. what are you doing today to rest your mind and your spirit? I have to take breaks from social media and even people sometimes. I know how important it is to spend some time with self. What do you need a break from? Why haven’t you taken it?

Plan some time for rest and relaxation. Say no to something that is going to require more energy than you have and be empowered by it. It’s ok! All these things will be waiting for you whenever you’re ready to do them again!

Do not let yourself become burnout simply because you refuse to acknowledge that you are tired and human. Humans need rest! As for me, I will be taking my rest and enjoying it.

Plan out some time for rest and relaxation! it is essential! I am on a countdown to my much needed vacation. Here are a few things I do daily for self care!

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