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How are you showing up today?

When I conduct professional development this is one of my favorite welcoming rituals. I like to know how people are showing up because it helps guide me in my interactions with them. When I know how you’re showing up I know whether or not you feel safe and in many cases ready to receive what I am preparing to share.

As I am learning to exercise more grace with myself, I have started asking myself the same question. “Michelle, how are you showing up today?” Asking myself this question gives me permission to feel what I feel and not suppress it. It is in these moments of vulnerability with self that I begin to lean into my own needs. In the past I would be so consumed with how others viewed me that I found it difficult to be honest when things didn’t feel right with me. I would feel insulted, triggered, or hurt and say absolutely nothing to the person who made me feel that way. Now when I center myself with how I show up, I can focus more on why I’m triggered and how I need to navigate my feelings.

I no longer respond just to get a word in. I’m purposeful with my words and intentional with my reactions. Now don’t get me wrong, I still possess the “knuck if you buck” energy but it’s no longer running rampant. It’s more calculated and intentional. My daily goal is peace and beauty so that’s the energy I lean into.

Beauty begins the moment you decide to show up for yourself and showing up for yourself starts with acknowledging how and what you feel each day.

How are you showing up today?



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