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Hello December!

OMG y'all! Can you believe it's December already? The year has really flown by!

And it is clear...2021 did not come to play with us!

For some of us, December brings on a new set of worries and anxiousness along with the abundance of holiday cheer. For others it is a season of seasonal depression that reminds them of all that they may have lost prior to arriving in this season. I am here to say that whatever your mindset is right now, whether it is anxious, sad, or filled with joy it is ok!

In this season, do whatever you need to do to sustain your own mental health and well being. Redirect your energy and focus to what you need and what will makes you feel best. Trust me, a lot can happen in 31 days! Do not give up on those things that you desire, whether it is something as simple as a promotion, a much needed vacation, or just time for yourself. Due season is a real thing. Sometimes we want so bad for things to happen on our time but that is simply not how it works. But in due season, your change will come.

In the meantime, take some time to enjoy this season even if that means activating your inner grinch! As for me, give me all the cheer and the joy! The girls and I plan to celebrate this month by creating memories and sharing with you all some of our favorite things! Be sure that you are subscribed to all of our channels with the post notifications on so you don't miss a post!

Be on the lookout for some really great baking, decorating, holiday crafts, and gift ideas on our channels!

Happy Holidays!



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