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Happy New Year!!!

Y’all we made it to 2022! What an adventure these last two years have been. It’s something about the 2020-somethings that is determined to be memorable for all. I trust everyone had a safe welcome into the new year last night. We had a blast drinking sparkling grape juice, playing cards, and eating party food with the kids.

I have no directives for January! If I’ve learned anything about life and time it’s that it’s unpredictable and I can only control my response to it. So I stand strong in affirming that January will remain a month of peace that is the prelude into a peaceful and productive new month, new year, and new chapter of life. I am ready to receive the harvest of greatness that is well on its way this year.

I am posturing myself for outcomes that are in my favor and I am speaking life into those things that I desire to attain. From connections, to friendships, to business ventures, to financial freedom…this chapter is focused on strategy.

Dress by Stylist JBolin Photo credit: Lo Messam of Dynamic Duo Photogrpahy

What are you zoning in on this year? What’s your personal vision? How do you plan to achieve your goal?

I don’t know what exactly is ahead in this chapter but I am ready to receive all of its goodness. Let me turn on my Bone Thugs N Harmony “First of Da Month” and center myself for this journey.



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