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Happy Father’s Day…

For years I had no reason to celebrate this day and even tried to keep myself busy to avoid thinking about it too much. My dad died when I was 9 years old so I never really got the chance to make a big deal over him. For years I would fight back depression because I would think about all of the things and experiences I felt I missed out on not having a father.

But about 9 years ago something happened…I was in church and I was leading praise and worship and something hit me. I was without an earthly father but I had never been without a father. From the time my dad passed my brothers and uncles stepped up. They did what they could to fill in the gap and fo that I will forever be thankful.

I am grateful for the male friends that I have that I watch navigate fatherhood with grace. I know it’s hard sometimes being a parent but I watch you kill it everyday. What is even more exciting is seeing the new fathers who grew up without fathers really stepping up to the plate and breaking generational curses.

Fatherhood is not something that should be taken lightly and just like motherhood there is no handbook nor is there a perfect way to do it. You just have to keep at it.

So to all of the Black fathers out there I just want to say…keep at it! Your children will love and appreciate you for it all in the end. Your presence is your greatest present and your support (emotional, financial, physical, etc) is priceless! Just be there!

Happy Father’s Day Black Kings!

Special shout to the men who raised me: My brothers Maurice and Carlton, my Uncle Charles, Kelly, Chester, and David. Shoutout to Kai’s Dad Victor, you are amazing! And last but certainly not least the biggest shoutout goes to my husband, DeAlex, thank you for being an amazing father to our girls! You are #GirlDad personified!



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