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Happy Blog-aversary and Happy Birthday to Me!

A year ago today I invited you all on a journey to self-discovery. I had no idea where this journey would take me but I promised to be transparent and allow the spirit to lead me where it wanted to take me. I never would have imagined that I would have pleasure to meet some of the DOPE-est Women I could have ever imagined, watch my friends develop new brands, find an amazing Tribe of Dope Black Women that helped me to grow in every way imaginable, and cultivate a partnership with a truly beautiful and free spirited contributing writer in Monica Odom.

Y'all...when I started working on the concept of this blog over a year ago, I never thought it would become a space of healing for myself and for others! I set out with an intention to create a sacred space where Black Women could be loved on and where we could lean into one another to share in our trials and triumphs on the most transparent level...and boom…A Tribe of Dope Black Women was born.

The Tribe became a sacred space for Black Women of diverse backgrounds to share their dreams and fears and to discuss topics that directly impact our mental, physical, financial, spiritual health. I made the commitment to be all about Black Women and that’s what I did and will continue to do.

This platform gave me a safe space to vent and be completely transparent about who I am and what I desire for myself. It allowed me to shared some of my most intimate desires and fears and for that I am grateful. I went from seeking an understanding of self care to guiding others on their self care journey.

As I celebrate one year of successful blogging and another year of life (it’s my birthday y’all) I am so excited for where this journey will lead and what is to come.

Thank you to every Dope Black Woman who has shared this space. Thank you in advance to those that will come in the future. I hope that every time you see me, visit the blog, watch an interview, or catch a story you feel loved and seen too.

There are so many people I want to thank for making this blog happen. First, my husBAE and children, they had to sacrifice their time with me so that I can spend time building this brand. Thank you to my friends and prayer partners for keeping me lifted, Monica for being more than I ever knew I needed, all of the Dope Black Women who have allowed me to interview them and share their stories, and YOU…my TRIBE…Thank you for sticking it out! The best is yet to come! Thank you to the Dope Black Women I have featured…

Thank you for allowing me to create platforms For Us, By Us!

Thank you all for rocking with me! Today as we celebrate our first Blog-aversary…I ask that you celebrate with us! Subscribe to the blog and YouTube channel, like and share the content, and nominate a Dope Black Woman to be featured! You can DM me on IG or Facebook or email me at and let’s do this!

This is a labor of love so feel free to sow a seed so that I can keep highlighting and supporting Black artists, brands, and businesses.

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Carlye Artis
Carlye Artis
Aug 14, 2021



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