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Hallelu!!! It's Friday!

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Well, my week ended with a bit of chaos. An increase in positive cases had me teleworking. (I didn't really want to do the laundry today, Lord 😒😂) Either way, we've made it to another Friday. I pray that this week you were supported when you needed it, and that you provided support to those around you when they needed it. (Reciprocity is a thing.)

So listen, there is enough out here for all of us. Yes, she is a poet, but you have a different perspective that will come through when you put pen to paper. He can draw. And?!? DC and Marvel managed to make it work. We were all given a specific experience meant to reach specific people. Don't feel like you can't be yourself because someone else is doing what you feel called to do. Let go of the scarcity mindset, and go after what was labeled as yours before you step foot into this existence.

Move in Spirit, not ego, and watch what happens. 💖

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