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Grateful for the pivot

Riding in to work today minding my Black Girl Magic filled business and I get a call from one of my team members who needed me to step in and do a presentation for them this afternoon because they aren't feeling well. Now truthfully do I want to present or was I in a mood to present...absolutely not but I said yes because it's best for the organization AND I know how it feels to be sick and not feeling it. So boom I'm ready, even though it's not what I had planned for the day.

I am so grateful for my ability to pivot. It’s not always instantly but it is always done when needed. Being flexible is one of those qualities that truly can make or break you!

We may not be able to control every outcome but we can definitely control our emotional response to every outcome! Be flexible and stay ready to be pivot! Because if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready! Have an amazing day!



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