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Foodie Chronicles: Brunch at Voodoo Bayou

So I was determined to end 2020 with at least one brunch post. COVID tried to stop me but I have to give a special thanks to my homegirl for making me follow thorough.

In 2021, my plan is to post more food finds and home cooked foods so that I can really take you all on a journey. Sometimes it will be healthy and other times it will just be what I felt like cooking.

First up is a spot in downtown Palm Beach Gardens, FL called Voodoo Bayou!

The atmosphere was cool. The food was very good. The menu nearly overwhelmed me because there were so many great choices on both the brunch and lunch menu. We left with a food baby and doggy bags. The ambiance was nice and the service was very good. I can imagine this spot as a hot one prior to the pandemic.

This spot is definitely on my list to revisit in the future.

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