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Foodie Chronicles: Date Night at Bimini Twist

So the hubby surprised me with a random date night. It was cool. He had a sitter and we didn’t get dressed up or anything but we got to hang out kid free. That is major and IYKYK... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Any-who, our kid-free adventures led us to Bimini Twist. The ambiance was nice, the food was decent, but the company was amazing! Every time we go somewhere mew I try to push my hubby a little out of his comfort zone.

From trying sushi for the first time, then guacamole, to now fish dip. He has enjoyed nearly every new thing he’s tried. This time was no different...

We enjoyed the fish dip made with Mahi-mahi for an appetizer. I dug into it before I got a good picture.

We had some amazing cocktails! A Bimini Twist and a Twisted Lemonade. Both were top notch! These two drinks are definitely going to be added to our at home cocktail list.

For our entrees he had a salmon pinwheel with some sort bolognese sauce and I had lamb chops with a mint jelly sauce. The creamed spinach was the best side hands down.

Overall, I enjoyed being on a date with my hubby the most. Even moreso than having grownup time away from the Glittergang. We enjoyed each other’s company, laughed, freestyled, and enjoyed a pricey meal guilt free. if you’re ever in the West Palm Beach area and want a cool ambiance with good food check out Bimini Twist.

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