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First Self Care Sunday of 2022

Sundays have become my official self care day. It’s the day I get to press a hard reset for the week. I can choose to either rejuvenate by resting or finish up things that are on my to do list. Whatever I decide to do I make it a point to be intentional about the time I spend focusing on what Michelle needs and truly loving on myself!

There are a few things that are must do’s like my weekly yoni steam using SheBlends Natural yoni steam, my weekly mask using either my Sirobe Dragon Fly Instant Glow or Sirobe Mon Cherry Detox Hydration Mask, lighting my Sheeann Candles, and listening to my self care playlist. Sometimes, I watch a church service online or have my own personal praise and worship session or bible study. Whatever it is that I need to do to get myself mentally, physically, and spiritually prepared for the week IMMA 👏🏽 DO 👏🏽 THAT👏🏽 uninterrupted and unapologetically.

This is the time that I set aside to just fall into nurturing what I need. 2019 I talked about doing it, 2020 I started learning how to do it, 2021 I did it often but not as regularly as I would prefer, so in 2022 the goal is consistency with all of the things that I would like to become life practices. Things like self-care, exercise, reading for leisure, dedicated family time, date nights, and alone time. I want to be good at these things and that looks like doing them more often so I can be good at them.

I recognize how powerful my energy is so I want to ensure that it is embodying light, love, peace, and harmonious existence. Oh, and I have big goofy, silly energy that I love to share too. I can only harvest that energy when I am in a good mental space.

Soooo…yeah that’s what I’m on. It’s Self Love and Self Care all 2022 and while it may seem selfish the it’s not. In loving myself, I am teaching my girls to do the same! Leading by example.

I hope that me sharing my routine encourages you to make one of your own! Hell you can copy mine if you’re not quite sure what you’d like to incorporate into your own routine.

Either way, take some time to love on and care for yourself. You deserve it! Sending love and peaceful vibes to you on this beautiful first Sunday of 2022!



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