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Creative Spotlight: Meet Singer/Songwriter Lighkt

Every once in a while the universe gives us a special gift...well this is the gift of Lighkt (pronounced ”Light”)! Birthed Krystal Jackson, but known to the world as Lighkt. Lighkt is powerhouse of a recording artist from South Florida! Born and raised in Pahokee, Belle Glade, and South Bay respectively, Lighkt grew up with parents who nurtured her musically.

Her parents were both musicians who met through the love of music and surrounded her and her siblings with artistry their entire lives.

Growing up in the Muck, which is known for being an NFL star factory, she was taught early on that success could look like more than just being able to play sports. Her parents built a non-profit organization, Street Beat, that infused the communities with all things arts related. Lighkt, who accredits her soulful beginning to singing background at her father's church, would travel the world as a result of the love for arts that her parents nurtured in the community of children they helped to guide.

Years after the passing of her mother, her travels would take Lighkt to her mother's homeland of Jamaica where she found the inspiration for her first single "Natural High".

This vibrant, dance tune takes you on a journey to discovering the kind of love that gets you high!

For Lighkt, it is the love of Black culture, families, children, and communities that inspires her lyrics and her music! Her second single "Dynasty" captures this love perfect through a video directed by her brother and fellow creative David Jackson.

Whether it's spreading joy and light through her music or protesting against the injustices that plague the Black community, Lighkt is simply that a LIGHT!! Shining bright in even the dimmest of times, Lighkt creates music and vibrations that restore all that feels right and good within our community. I am grateful to know her personally and have been affected by the warmth of her sun.

Watch our full interview below to see exactly why "Lighkt" shines so bright!

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