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Closed mouths don’t get fed

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Ask and you shall recieve! You have not because you ask not! Knock and the door will open! We have all heard these statements and probably even said them to someone. But how often are we applying it ourselves?

Ten days ago I challenged myself to write out my prayers every single day. In ten days I have written out 28 prayers. Some days I have written more than others but everyday I have written out my prayers of gratitude, prayers of distress, and prayer requests for myself and those who have requested prayer. I have added those things that I am asking God for specifically and I have been intentional in both my unspoken prayers and my spoken words.

Here's what I learned, God is waiting on us to ask! I know we've read it but have we applied it? Let me tell you something about God...every single thing I have prayed about or prayed for, both outloud and in my written prayer journal, has come to pass. But please don't get it twisted, my prayer journal isn't just filled with me asking for things. It is filled with me showing gratitude for what I already have and recognizing how my life has to be in alignment in order to receive what is in his will for me.

Take some time to assess what are you in need of but reluctant to ask for. Ask yourself why and decide what you plan on doing to make the shift!!

Closed mouths don’t get fed!!!



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