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🎵Cause when I get mad, I get big mad🎵

That one line tells the story. Want to see me show my tail? Waste my time.

We've all been there. Cussing and fussing. Screaming. Acting a damn fool. All because someone made us.

Then we sit. Feeling discouraged, because we let it happen again.

'I thought I was over this.'

'Why do we keep coming back to this same shit?'

'I can't believe they made me say that.'

Hmmmm.... Did they make us, or did we choose to?

Personally, my need to control people as opposed understanding that they will almost never care about my time as much as I would like them to was mind-blowing to hear out loud. I wasn't mad that they were late or made me late, I was mad that I couldn't make them do my bidding. And now I'm raging. Kinda of a control freak if you didn't know.

So how tf do I stop letting this get to me?!?! Baby, you gotta get to the root of that thing, and control the only variable that you can. YOU! It has less to do with the person who is triggering you, and everything to do with why it triggers you so bad. Does it go back to not feeling heard or seen as child? Or not feeling safe because someone always left? When you lose your shit for the umpteenth time, is it because you feel unworthy of love? Or you feel you can't get no respect? Whatever the reason, only you can fix it. Either way, ignore the source. They've got their own demons to confront. You are probably triggering them as we speak.

We've all got room to improve in our day to day interactions with one another. Learn the lesson so you can respond instead of react.

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