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Author Spotlight: Meet Ebony R. Palmer

So, I am totally a bookworm, but even moreso I love, love, love books by Black Authors. Now, couple that with the author being a Dope Black Woman that I know and BOOM you have Black Girl Magic! This author spotlight is even more special because this Dope Black Authoress is a fellow Callaway High School Alumni and Soror.

Meet Ebony R. Palmer educator, writer, motivator, and Authoress of the Bad Apple Series. Ebony was born and raised in Jackson, MS and now resides in Dallas, TX. Besides being breathtakingly beautiful inside and out, Ebony has penned and published not one, not two, but three books over a two year span. She has her own company E&FW, L.L.C. where she seeks to promote literary works about various topics, i.e., education, mental health, love, etc.

What began as a platform to promote her novels (The Bad Apple Series) is now being expanded to assist others with the writing process as well as to express herself via other literary platforms. (That means if you are looking to write a book or expand your business your need to reach out to her!)

More than ever, Ebony is more determined to talk about the impact of therapy and its influence on mental health. She understands that though it has become more prevalent in the Black community, it simultaneously still has a stigma affiliated with it, too. It is still rather taboo.

"I want to help shift that stigma in a more positive direction by sharing my story, my struggles, and my truth (testimony) about how therapy has truly changed me for the better." -Ebony

I have known Ebony for quite some time and she is truly a breath of fresh air. I am honored to watch her walk in her purpose unapologetically, while motivating others. She is Black Girl Magic personified and having the opportunity to interview her was truly an experience that has made a positive imprint on me.

Check out our chat and learn why she I think she is so DOPE, the motivation behind the Bad Apple Series characters and what's next for this truly amazing and anointed woman!

Connect with Ebony:

Facebook: Ebony Palmer

LinkedIn: Ebony Palmer

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