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23 years of healing…thank you Jill Scott

Have you ever experienced trauma and had a soundtrack for it? This was words and sounds for me. I loved the music so much but the person who introduced me to Jill Scott's music was a creep with negative intentions for me and my 17 year old body. There were so many memories attached to it (I may or may not unpack this some other know trauma) but through the years as I performed more and more…songs from this album would become my staples.

Michelle sing “he loves me” or sing “the way” or sing “long walk” and I would. Hearing Jill Scott sing her songs with my real love, my husBAE, created a new experience that outshines and overshadows the previous memory. Thank you Miss Jilly from Philly for this experience and for sharing your soul with us!

I love myself some Jill Scott! And I'm loving myself a little today than I did yesterday and it's so intentional!

Happy Saturday Black Women! Find a way to love yourself today!!



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