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Ain’t No April Fool’s Bih

Hey y’all! Happy Thursday and Happy 1st of April! It’s a new month, a new quarter, and a fresh start in a new season!

(Cue Bone Thugs and Harmony “First of Da Month”)

No pranks this year for me because honestly ain’t shit funny about some of the things we have seen and experienced. I am just grateful to be alive and well.

Today, I would rather focus on what I am thankful for! I am thankful for love, transparency, and growth. I didn’t realize until recently how interrelated all of these things are in my life.

I have always sought out to live a life of transparency. People thought I was crazy for ”telling all of my business“ upfront, but honestly it just made sense to me to frontload what I’ve been through so that people could better understand how I operate. I also always felt like it left no room for them to tell me something about me or that they heard about me as a surprise. I wanted to be the one to hold the gun.

As I have grown in life, love, and relationships I find it important to share the most intimate parts of myself with those I hold close because it helps with connection. I also don’t withhold honesty because I live in a place of transparency. I can be completely free to share my thoughts and feelings without the fear of losing anyone because I finally understand that those who will be here will be here regardless and those who won’t simply won’t. And honestly either option is ok with me.

I think that’s why I harp on finding your tribe. Once you find your soul family you have the people that you need to fill your buckets and you can reciprocate that feeling/filling as well. The warmth that comes with being able to be consistently filled it so powerful. It is an even greater feeling to be able to fill someone’s bucket. As I am adding members to my soul family I am learning to love, growth, and honor transparency on a whole different level. I no longer protect the feelings of others as a sacrifice to myself. GROWTH!

Being transparent has helped me to grow and truly allow love to lead and flourish in my life. I am grateful for the courage to be transparent and live in a place where I honor my truth and respect the truths of others. I am in no way perfect and I love that about me. I love that I can also see the imperfectness of others as perfection.

Honestly, it’s the flaws for me! I am thankful for them all and even moreso I am thankful to be able to share that with the world. So no April...we won’t be a fool for you this year! Sending love and light to you today! Protect your energy and go shine bright!



Enjoy this anthem from Bone Thugs and Harmony!

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