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Transformation in Progress…

I always told myself I would never be able to lose weight or be fit, I would never run or lift weights because it is what is. I had been overweight and out of shape for so long nothing could possibly change. Be careful what you speak over yourself!! The truth is I can do anything I put my mind to. When my bestie DeBlair invited me to join her 8 Figured Body program I wasn’t sure but I was willing. I had to do something different if I wanted different results. From her program and the amazing accountability partnership, to my husband purchasing me an indoor bike, to me being determined to eat cleaner…here I am…on my way to my personal strength and fitness goals. Stop telling yourself what you can’t do and start speaking life over yourself! If you don’t, who will? Take charge of your mind and your body! Set smalls and crush them. Then set bigger ones and crush them too! You’ve got this! 

Shoutout to my husBAE for pushing me to my limits everyday when we workout and for taking my health as seriously as you take your own. You are the truth! 

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I love this sis!💜

I, too, will be starting my journey soon. 🎉




You killing it, boo!! Keep inspiring us!!

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