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There’s no faulty blessing

Sometimes when you get what you prayed for, it doesn’t look or feel like what you thought it would and you no longer want it. That’s ok! That doesn’t mean you are ungrateful. It just means that the version of you that desired that particular thing is no longer present.

So what do you do? You sit in it. You acknowledge and express gratitude for the answered prayers! You relish in the fact that your faith and work paid off and begin the process of crafting your new prayers to meet your new needs.

Let’s be clear, God wouldn’t have given you something that wasn’t meant for you. Just because it’s hard or it didn’t happen like you imagined doesn’t mean if was a faulty blessing. It is exactly what it is and exactly as it was meant to be. Look around and see what you have and what you are supposed to learn in this season. Most of all be grateful because at some point in time you really wanted this. This thing you prayed for can be marriage, kids, a family, a home, a job, a title, a degree, or anything else that you may have prayed for.

Understand that there is no limit on the amount of blessings you can receive or prayers that can be answered. Keep praying, asking, believing, and working your faith until you have cultivated the life that you desire. Be encouraged, the best is yet to come! You’ve got this!



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