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Still standing…Survivor Series: Meet Theresa Thomas

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Today, I just want to highlight that while my girl fights this battle daily, she fights it with such grace and poise that I can’t help but be in awe of her! Theresa you are a survivor in every way! I love you and I am honored to call you friend!

Have you ever met someone and instantly knew they were for you? Like...they would become your person? That was the connection when I met Theresa. She and I became team mates and the rest is history. She is a co-worker turned friend, who has now become family. Meet my sister and friend, Theresa (Flowers) Thomas.

Theresa is a 20 year veteran educator, (which is weird because she honestly can't be any older than 25) and a native of "da Bronx." Theresa now resides in sunny South Florida and works as an Instructional Specialist for the Gifted. She is a vibrant wife to her hubby Robert, an amazing Tiger Mom to her daughter Iris, an awesome daughter to her parents Paula and Jeanie, the best little sister to her big sis Lisa, and literally my right hand and sisterfriend! She is an extremely active volunteer in a number of community organizations and just an all around amazing person. Theresa's love for friends, family, food, and all things political are unmatched.

Why do these things matter? Why is it important to know who she is and who she is loved by...well because she is like so many other Black woman that are the glue that hold so many things together. She is a picture of fortitude, strength, and what can happen when prayer warriors are rallied. Also, I have learned the importance of giving a person their flowers while they can smell and enjoy them. So this is a moment in time where I can honor her contribution to my life and so many others. Theresa continues to make an impact with everything that she does from her community service, to her job, to just being a good friend and listening ear to all who need her. The impact was felt nationwide when she shared the news nearly a year ago that she had been diagnosed with HER-2 Metastatic Breast Cancer.

What is her2 metastatic breast cancer?

HER2-positive breast cancer is a breast cancer that tests positive for a protein called human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2). This protein promotes the growth of cancer cells. In about 1 of every 5 breast cancers, the cancer cells have extra copies of the gene that makes the HER2 protein.

When Theresa called me she gave me the news gently as if I were the one receiving the diagnosis. But that is her way with me always kind, always gentle, always thoughtful, always the big sister, protecting me from being worried. We talked about it but then we immediately began praying for a healing. We both found comfort in knowing that God has the final say so. Not to mention that her sister, Dr. Lisa Flowers, is a standout physician and hit the ground running to ensure she had the best care possible.

Check out my interview with Theresa and learn how she is harvesting all of her Black Girl Magic to continue her fight and how she has managed to find joy and peace in the midst of the battlefield.

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