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Small Business Gem: Get to Know Park Place Payments

Attention Business Owners!!! Are you looking to maximize your small business earning potential?

Park Place Payments is a women-owned merchant services company. This fintech start up founded by Samantha Ettus is revolutionizing the ripe-for-disruption payments and credit card processing industry. The technology, proactive service, and transparent pricing model is unparalleled and it's all powered by a professional salesforce. Their terminals and commerce solutions not only accept all the latest payment options, they are sleek and the back end has everything you need including data breach assurance.

I got started in this business during my search for side ventures that are closely aligned with my passion for helping connect others to valuable resources and making a positive impact in general. Although I have a full time job, I know that there's so much more for me to do and many ways to use the gifts and talents that God has blessed me with both professionally and personally. In the business world, I'm more of a "behind the scenes, making sure things are working as they should" type of person. So joining forces with a payment processing company that entered the industry to bring transparency and honesty to this space checked all the right boxes for me!

Park Place Payments has a core mission to bring honesty and transparency to the payment processing industry.

An industry first, Park Place Payments has created a B2B direct sales opportunity within financial services that allows ANYONE to join forces and help community businesses thrive . It is a win-win for business owners and at the same time, contributes to the financial independence of a talented workforce that has been on the sidelines. For many years, the payment processing industry's salesforce consisted of white males only. So Park Place has opened the door for not only women but for people of color in general.

Any business that is currently processing or a new startup that has a projected credit card processing volume of at least 100K/year could likely benefit from Park Place's payment solutions. Contact Tasha Wright for a complimentary, comprehensive merchant statement analysis (i.e. payment checkup) which will compare the current pricing, services, and technology the business has for merchant services to what Park Place offers.

A "Payment Checkup" is completely free, highly educational, and has no obligation!

For more information, please contact Tasha via email ( or phone (305-741-4528). The payment checkup only takes about 10-15 minutes over the phone to get started.

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