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Self Care Lesson: No is a complete sentence and rest is essential!

Monica and I spent a great deal of time this week talking about the importance of leaning into the awkward pause. Sometimes you have to walk away from the things you think you have to do, take a break, and simply rest. Live and love in the moment. Do absolutely nothing that is going to exert any excess energy. Like be still for real!

As a wife, mom, blogger, entrepreneur, and so many other things it’s often hard to take time for yourself. It’s even harder to take time to be loved on. We tend to do all of the loving, providing, fixing, and nurturing. It’s time to fall back a little sis. You’ve been going hard for way too long. It’s ok to say no without explanation. You don’t owe anyone a thing. Set your boundaries and respect them. It’s time sis!

This weekend I encourage you to take care of yourself! Say no and clear your calendar to spend time with you. Love on yourself even if no one else does! When you feel like you’ve given yourself enough attention keep going and give a little bit more. You deserve it!

I made a quick self care checklist for the weekend. Use this as a guide or create your own. Either way, take time this weekend to do the things you enjoy!

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