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Prisoners...but you can free yourself

I shared this on IG and FB yesterday, but thought I could go a little more in depth here. So I had a dream a few nights ago about that I was walking around a prison. I noticed that there were no fences or gates. The person I was with, whom I assume was a guard or warden, mentioned that there is no need for one because everyone who is there wants to be there.

Willing prisoners? WTH?!? Who would willing choose to be locked up? Who would willing give up their freedom. We would. We do it every day when we make choices in direct opposition of the person we want to be in this life. When we say yes to something that deep down we know is a hell no. When we say no to something that our gut is screaming yes to.

We create a prison for all the energy, light, and love that God/Spirit/The Universe put in us to be shared with the world. And why? Because we fear how our light will be perceived by others? We fear being too bright, too warm, too welcoming to things and people that go against the status quo. Against “how we were raised.”

Ask yourself who benefits when you do this. Then ask yourself why someone else’s comfort is more important to you than being who you truly want to be and experiencing all that life has to offer at its fullest and utmost.

By freeing yourself you free others, even if you don’t see it.

I know the post are few and far between as of late. I'm being directed to follow my joy and not necessarily the things that I feel I "have" to do.

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Amen! Free to be the person God almighty has created me to be.

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