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Meet Stacy Bowers: International Best Selling Author

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Yep, you read that right! Y'all I had to run it back for my Dope A$$ Sis Stacy Bowers! If you recall earlier this year, I interviewed Stacy and we talked about her appearing on Season 4 of Ready to Love Houston and all that it would entail. Catch the first article and interview here! Just to catch you up, Stacy Bowers is a Soror, Sister, and friend of mine that I hold in the highest of regards. She is someone that I have admired from our initial meeting nearly 20 years ago.

Stacy is a proud Mississippi girl hailing from Pass Christian is a mom of three and the true definition of a BOSS. She took her talents to Houston, TX and has shown the Lone Star State how much power can be packed into such a petite package. Stacy is one a few Black women who own their own insurance firm and is working hard to ensure that equity and representation thrive in the field. Our first interview simply scratched the surface, but this one whew...

I hope you are ready for the nuggets that she is dropping! I have a very good feeling that Stacy is about to become a regular on the platform because she has so much to offer all of us with her wealth of life experiences, from marriage and divorce, to living and raising kids abroad, to building her brand, and now becoming an international best selling author!

Elevated: Rise of the Underdog is a collection of stories from women who have excelled in life despite their situations and circumstances with a powerful story to tell. The authors take the readers on a journey of trials and tribulations while celebrating growth and victory. These authors hope their stories help others push past adversity, trauma, and pain to gain the life they deserve.

Misty Stevenson was prompted to write this story while embarking upon her latest business venture. She was questioning whether she was able to do it and needed inspiration. She looked back at the hurdles she had crossed and quickly became inspired to not only move forward in her business venture but also to write a book about her struggles, closed doors, and persistence. It was equally important to Misty to give other women a voice in this book, which became an anthology.

As a contributing author, Stacy shares her personal story of trial and triumph. You have to order the book to get the full scope but trust the inspiration

Check out our girl chat and learn why Stacy is such an inspiration to so many...

Part 1 of our interview...

Part 2 of our interview...

Follow Stacy on all social platforms Instagram:

Twitter: @stacy_beee

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Oct 18, 2021

Yesss I love this

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