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Meet Sirobè Carstafhnur, CEO of SirobèSkin

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

By now, you probably have seen this name or this brand tossed around in my IG stories, Facebook feed, or even as a small business feature when the blog launched a few days ago. When I tell you I can sing enough praises for Sirobè and her skincare products, please believe the hype. Sirobè skin is responsible for me taking a break from makeup after being a daily wearer of the whole shabang for nearly 20 years! Finally, I am confident in my caramel, freckled skin to walk around bare faced (brows don't count, LOL!) and I have Sirobè Carstafhnur (Suh-Ro-Bee Car-Staff-Ner) to thank for it.

This gorgeous, #DopeBlackWoman is the creator of the little miracle in a bottle that is SirobèSkin. Boasting cleansers for dry, oily, and combination skin made from natural products that you can actually pronounce without assistance and also boasting the tags #parabenfree, #fresh, #sustainable, and #seasonal.

An idea birthed in Harlem, New York in the midst of a pandemic, this Mississippi girl is no stranger to entrepreneurship. Sirobè notes that she has created businesses before that ultimately set her up to better understand the ins and outs of running a small business. Her products are just as gentle and sweet as her personality and you are guaranteed to fall in love with your new #glowy skin.

Take a look at our in-depth interview and get to know the Dope Black Woman behind Sirobè skin. oh, and make sure you get over to her website now! The Summer 2020 collection will close 8/20/2020!!!

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