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Meet Kandyce and Sheena Hansbrough, Dope Black Wife Duo

I love sharing stories of how I meet people and I love it even more when those meetings come full circle. Almost 15 years ago, I can remember walking into my best friend's house and meeting up with a few friends. Her cousin Kandyce was there and she brought a friend for everyone to meet. That friend would become her wife, Sheena. I knew instantly that they were perfect for each other because I saw the way they lit up around each other. Fast forward to them being married for 6 years and now building amazing companies together. Based in Atlanta, GA this creative duo literally hit the jackpot with creativity. They paint, sing, craft, and design! They literally do it all and do it so well!

The Hansbroughs' and their beautiful fur babies!

One part of this amazing duo is Sheena Maria Hansbrough. Sheena is the creative force behind, a clothing brand that is all things crochet and handmade specializing in womenswear. Sheena learned crochet from her grandmother growing up and rekindled her talents during the start of the pandemic.

It went from baby blankets to bikini tops to now all kinds of things. It’s definitely challenged me to explore myself more. -Sheena

Sheena's brand was built and made with love. She wants to encourage others not to be afraid and to be different.

"There will always be someone else that can do your craft, but their will not be another that will have what makes Take a chance on yourself. You will never lose. Set boundaries and stand firm in them." -Sheena

Kandyce Le'Clair Hansbrough, whom I affectionately call my "Fruzzo" (friend and cuzzo), is the other half of this beautiful duo! Born and raised in Winona, MS, the now Atlanta native is the visual artist behind K. Le’Clair Photography and Kandyd Art! Kandyce is allowing herself to fall in love with being a black woman and being unapologetic about it! We are here for this!

"I've been doing photography seriously since 2018 after receiving my first camera as a get well gift and Kandyd Art just came about in 2020 during covid. Not being able to do photoshoots started driving me crazy so I decided to start photographing things around the house. I've always loved sketching and painting so I figured out how to combine the two and Kandyd Art was born! I now use my art to design hoodies, T-shirts, and masks which is cool. Very soon, I’m going to start a black girls in arts photography series!

Check out more from Kandyce and Sheena on their sites &

Clearly these Dope Black Women were born to create and we love to hear their stories behind the creations. Check out our time together and learn how the Hansbroughs have overcome so much to birth all their Dopeness!

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