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Meet Joneise Robertson, CEO of Joise’s Kreation Station

I love highlighting creatives that are discovering their own talents and truly how creative they can be. Joneise Robertson, CEO of Joise's Kreative Station, recently gave birth to her business and with it came a heaping dose of creativity and a vision for success.

An idea that was birthed in the midst of a pandemic, Joise's Kreation Station seeks to "inspire others to have their own identity with a twist of style and class."

After deciding to step out out her comfort zone and take a leap of faith, Joneise has allowed her creative side to take over and explore new territory. Joneise creates custom badge reels and keychains that highlight the identity of each individual client that are destined to be conversation starters. Clients can have as much as or little input as they like and her turnaround time is noteworthy considering how much work is put into each piece.

I love to support small business owners and I am sure she can create something custom for your needs. Check out our conversation below and connect with her on IG @joisesstation and @joises_kreative_station or on Facebook at Joise Kreation Business Page.

Check out my interview with this Dope Black Woman below!

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