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Meet FlyyMommi Jenene Knox

There are people that you meet who make you look twice and then there are those who simply make you stare. My former castmate, Jenene Knox AKA FLYYMOMMI is definitely both. Jenene is a Jackson, MS native and a creator in every sense of the word.

Jenene is a model, painter, writer, photographer, blogger, and YouTuber. She styles herself, does her own makeup and hair, and comes up with the creative concepts to execute. Her brand name is FLYYMOMMI, which means to "slay while you soar." Jenene aspires to motivate women, especially mothers, that they can still pursue their dreams and goals and be FLYY while doing it.

Her most recent project was a photoshoot to highlight our beautiful culture in Black history. She wanted it to be colorful and to show our fashion through adversity.

I wanted it to be very vibrant. I’m coaching my nephew on photography so I wanted him to take the pictures. -Jenene

Jenene's mission is to inspire mothers and women to be loud. Be you! Do what makes you happy. She has coached a lot of women behind the scenes to pursue their dreams. She is a light worker so she will always SPEAK LIGHT AND SPEAK LIFE INTO anyone that will listen.

Check out my interview with this Dope Black Creative and learn why she's so FLYY!

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