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Meet David (Day Vidya) Jackson, Artist, Advocate, and Creative

Some people add to your universe without ever knowing how much they contribute. That is exactly how it has been since the first time I met David Jackson (artist name: Day Vidya) a few years ago. His entire aura breathes love and light. He is the essence of love and his presence makes you feel warm and open. I actually met him through his music before I ever met him in person.

Born and raised in Muck City, FL (Belle Glade, Pahokee, and South Bay), Day Vidya is an artist in every form. His artistry is an expression of his desire to be expressed and to be a witness to whoever's in front of him, but especially Black people everywhere & marginalized people everywhere. His love for Black Women is what continues to draw me into him. Amping up Black Women is how he practices self care and I promise you I LIVE FOR IT!!!! His genuine spirit is not to be ignored as he has an amazing way with words and packs power in his declarations.

In addition to working on music, Day Vidya is working on a short film with an incredible film maker, John-Paul Howard, on Black Hair. He's also recording a series of podcasts with different organizations & thinkers.

I rarely fall speechless, but truthfully I can't really put into words why he is so special. You simply have to experience him for yourself. He is love, his words are love, his presence is LOVE. As we kick off Women's History Month, I want you to hear personally how much Black Women are LOVED and REVERED! Black Women are Dope and Day Vidya not only knows it but he wants to make sure we know it too!

Check out my interview with Day Vidya and see why his love for Black Women is the perfect kickoff to Women's History Month!

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