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Live and let live

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Live and let live…that’s my motto! When I see Black women, I see myself. I see my daughters. I see my mom and aunts, my sisters and cousins. I see our collective and diverse range of beauty! I see our complexions that come together to make a beautifully melanated mosaic. I see our gorgeous features and even more gorgeous hair textures. I see how the slightest differences like freckles and dimples, birthmarks and scars, make us even more beautiful.

I love us…ALL of us!

I wish we would openly and loudly love each other even more. It is hard enough being a Black woman but I would’t trade it for the world. So to you my Sisters, I say I love you and I hope that today you get to show up as unapologetically as you possibly can! You are already more than enough!! 😘 Love you always!

And to those of us who seem to find the need to tone police our sisters…do us a favor and don’t!



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