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Kinda tired...Christmas break is that you?

So all last week I was pressed because I felt like i just couldn't get it together. I wanted so bad to blog and just recap what was going on, but I just couldn't. At first, I was sad, but then I was like 'such is life'... I have spent the last 20 days or so truly reflecting on this year and the goals that I have and haven't achieved. Then I stepped back and said stop. You are here. So many people are not, we lost a lot of folks this year and in spite of the whole world being on pause we still managed to achieve so much. Then I sat back said, you did good girl. Reality is I am tired, but I am grateful that there are 365 days and each one that I am alive for affords me an opportunity to achieve what I desire for that day!

It's five days til Christmas and three of them will be spent working! Like who thought this was a good idea? Chile bye!

This will be a low key Christmas, hopefully filled with some amazing R&R and time spent making memories with my family.

Whenever they free us from the bondage of being at work and school (Sidenote: I swear we are the only district in America still in school this week! How? Why? WTF?)

But, we are gonna make it work. Y'all lift your girl up in prayer because these wakeups have been hellacious!

I hope you all have an amazing Monday! The countdown to cookie baking, gift wrapping, and late wakeups is on!



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