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It’s the first day of school!!!!

It’s the first day of school and The Glittergang was ready to sprinkle their Black Girl Magic all over the place!! I pray that my babies and every other child had an amazing first day and a phenomenal school year!

But can we pause for a second…like who told my babies to grow up? How did it happen so fast? I wish I could just stop time and stay here a little while longer. They are truly my favorite humans!

But I get it, I am doing my job as their mother and hopefully as they continue to grow up they won’t think it’s lame to keep hanging out with me!

Laila walked into her elementary school and told me “I take a right at the puppy and I’m good, you can go Mommy I got this!” 😭😭😭

I ugly cried leaving her but she’s absolutely right, she’s got this!

Kai walked into middle school like a champ ready to master 6th grade and she will!!!🥰🥰 The past few years have been tough social emotionally but she’s building resilience everyday in everywhere and I’m so proud of her!

Which brings me to Zahra, my first born! She walked confidently into high school ready to dominate her freshman year! God is with her, she will not fail! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 High school sets the stage for your future they say, well I hope the future has shades because my girl is shining star!

These girls are my motivation, my #WCW everyday! I’m blessed that God saw fit to make me their mom! They are by far my greatest gifts!!! We prayed, we danced, we laughed…we’re ready!!

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Are your kids ready for their first day?

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