I’ve created little monsters!!!

If you have ever seen me interact with my children you would know that they are my absolute pride and joy. But I’m quickly learning that my love and adoration for them has enabled some very lazy behaviors. My husband and I were talking the other day about how we had to help out as kids with chores. He clearly was responsible for way more than I could’ve ever imagined, while I had simple tasks to complete. The Glittergang has been given very little to be responsible for and it shows. Rooms are unkempt, laundry is piling up, and mommy is exhausted from having to clean up behind everyone.

It’s a new day at the Martin compound!!! We are distributing chores and learning to be responsible for ourselves. We shall see how this manifests.

Update: Chores have been distributed for three weeks now and the girls are becoming more responsible with keeping their personal spaces clean and the common areas.

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