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Hey Sis! A Delay ain’t a denial!

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I know I told you a few posts ago that all you have to do is ask and you can receive the desires of your heart. Well, that's still true but do you know that sometimes we desire things that aren't meant for our good.


Yes Sis! You know and I know that there have been times where we prayed and hoped super hard for something only to be given the major block. We wanted that something so bad and didn't get it. We got big mad and it ended up not being what we needed at all.

That's the thing!! There are so many times where we feel like we deserved something that we either applied for or even in some cases prayed for. But if you didn't get what you asked for you weren't denied. You were delayed! That delay may be because you're not ready or it could be because that thing that you want so bad wouldn't be good for you. The way this thing works is that what you desire has to be in alignment to what will be in your ultimate favor. You have to trust that in your due season whatever seeds you have sown will produce those fruits.

What is meant for you won't miss you. Let me run that back...

What is meant for you won't miss you!!

That is in respect to all things. Relationships, jobs, a new home, a new car, a move...whatever it is that is meant for you will be for you. Sometimes we become hyper focused on things that aren't for us and subsequently we get depression and start to feel down because things didn't work out. But they did though!! You have to remember that everything is working out for your good. Even when you don't get what you want!

Due season is a real thing and a delayal ain’t a denial! Be patient love! Your time is coming! There is power in the waiting room!



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#What is meant for you will not miss you! Stay faithful to what God has in store for you my sisters. Happy Mother's Day!

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