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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

For me there’s so much to be excited about today! Not only is it one of my favorite holidays, it’s also my half-birthday and it’s the half birthday of my blog!!! Whoop whoop!!!

Every year I am so excited to spend this day honoring those that I love the most starting with myself, my hubby, my kids, my family, and my friends! I love love and eve about it. It’s not about the gifts but it is definitely about the feeling you get from showing and receiving love!

Today, I honor you my dedicated readers and followers. Thank you for rocking with me! I love you and I pray that today you are affirmed and feel all of the love! You are a tremendous blessing to Mon and I and we are happy that you continue to rock with us!

Take some time to love on yourself today and spread love as much as you can! #loveyourself, #selflove, #spreadlove, #ifloveisallyouhave, #loveisallyouneed

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