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Dope Woman Wednesday: Meet Ola Clark, Owner of Oshun Boutique, LLC

So you know every encounter has a is Ola's! I am in a Facebook Group for Amazon lovers called "Amazoning with Anitra" (you will hear more about this in a few weeks)...anywho I kept seeing Anitra post pictures wearing the cutest outfits and tagging someone named Ola. (This shows you the power of social media.) I followed the tag y'all and have been blessed ever since. I went and liked a few posts by Ola and if you know how Facebook algorithms work I immediately began seeing more posts from her. So it made me want to know...who is Ola Clark?

This power packed beauty, with a voice to match (be sure to watch the full interview below to hear her sing) is a Mississippi native and wears the badge of being from the Hospitality State with pride! (Sidenote: I just love interviewing and highlighting my Mississippi folks, they bring all the love and smiles and it reminds me so much of home!) Ola Clark, along with her husband, own Oshun Boutique, LLC which is located in Vicksburg, MS.

Ola says, "I always knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur but I just didn’t know in what capacity. I’m a church girl to my heart and when I went to church people would ask me where I got my outfits from. I would give them exactly where I got it and I’ve even sent them the link to places. One day when I was at work (miserable) it just hit me why am I directing people to shop with others when they can shop with me. I’ve been rolling every since. I’m so grateful!"

Ola's gratitude and grace permeates through her contagious smile. Oshun Boutique was established in December 2018 with a vision for creating elegance, style and beauty to all ladies at affordable prices. We offer all the latest trends, fashions and accessories such as: Apparel, Church attire, Shapewear and Accessories. Based in Mississippi, the "Hospitality State", the first priority is giving EXCELLENT customer service to everyone nationwide.

Honing the motto: If you want "style to go with that beautiful "smile"; contact us today. Let us dress you for your next occasion. "Be Extra...Be Grand...Be Fabulous...BE YOU!"

Oshun Boutique, LLC recently launched a Shapewear line: Solid Foundation in Feb 2021.

Ola is big on helping people to see that you have to Change your mindset. You can’t just manifest things, you have to believe it. She love encouraging people to get of their own way so they can truly live and walk in their calling.

When I tell you I was blessed by this interview and interaction. Ola is a true sweetheart and her shipping and customer service are on point. Check out our interview below and get yourself a Solid Foundation and some beautiful, comfy pieces for your wardrobe from Oshun Boutique, LLC.

Be sure to follow Oshun Boutique on all things social:

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