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Boss Moves Monday

Happy Monday Y'all!! I love to highlight Girl Bosses in their elemen but this week I am doing it a little different. Most folks who know me know that my nearly teenage daughter, Zahra of ZahraSlayedIt, is my personal hairstylist. Since she was 7 years old she has said that she wants to be a hairstylist when she grows up. It is extremely important to me that she sees well rounded visions of what this career choice looks like and other Dope Black Women who are doing it and making a difference with it. Well, this weekend she had the pleasure of watching some of her favorite Dope Black Women show love to other women by pampering them with makeovers.

Special shout out to Zahra’s mentor, Niyoka Cime-King of Braided Roots, Rokeise Lynch of Diva Styles Elegant Hair, Krystal Jackson of Krejoda, and Brittany Ingram of Beauty by Brittany for being such a powerful force in your communities and showing all women love! Thank you ladies for allowing Zahra to shadow you as you show that this life is more than what you can gain it is also about what you can give. Y’all go follow these ladies on their social media platforms and show them some love for being so dope!

Check out these Dope Black Women in action for the Win event below!

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