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Be Your Own Peace

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I see so many posts from people asking or in some cases even demanding other folks to be their peace!

There is so much wrong with that type of thinking. Let me break down why relying on someone else to be your peace is a slippery slope and creates unnecessary disappointment.

Let's unpack this...

  • How can I be your peace when I may or may not have my own peace. Unless, I have done the work to cultivate peace in my own life, how can I cultivate it in yours? I may not even know what peace looks or feels like. This can create a spiral of chaos.

  • Peace is a state of being just like happiness. It is an intentional practice and it requires you to address things that have disturbed your peace or things that could potentially create a disturbance of your peace while you are in the process of seeking it.

  • Your peace is for is what centers you. No one else has the power to disrupt that and you shouldn't be giving anyone else the power to create it in you! Others can contribute but they can't be your sole source.

Tips for finding peace:

  1. Think about what you need to overcome in order to attain peace. What is currently keeping you from being in a state of peace

  2. Think about the last time you experienced peace. What do you remember about the experience? Where were you? What were you doing (or not doing in some instances)? Who was around?

  3. If you find yourself in a peace deficit consider some things, what am I currently doing that is causing me to feel this way and what can I do differently to change this feeling?

  4. How can I cultivate peace in my life daily? Find a passion project. Do things that bring you joy but require little effort. Create an environment that welcomes peace.

  5. Identify the areas where you lack peace and set clear goals for achieving the peace you desire!

In short...

Be your own peace first and the peace that you desire elsewhere will follow!



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