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Whew chile, it’s been a while!

I know, I know…it’s been far too long but when I tell you I’ve been busy, that’s truly an understatement.

So let me give a quick run down…

Zahra turned 14, then graduated from Middle School. I have a whole high schooler y’all! 😩😩😩 I am not quite ready but it is what it is…

Kai transitioned from 5th grade and will be heading to middle school in the fall (WTH is going on here?) 😩😩😩

Finally, my Lailabug graduated PreK and will start kindergarten in the fall. I can’t take it y’all. I swear I just had these babies and now they are all preparing to tackle new territories.

So I figured, maybe hubby and I should

too. We decided to give up south Florida living and move to the real south...We moved to Georgia y’all!

After the last graduation (May 26th), we literally packed our entire existence up, sent the kids with granny and made our way to Georgia.

Just like that…

It wasn’t an overly hasty move. We planned it (sort of), but if you’ve ever moved out of state, then you know it feels. Everything that can go wrong seems to do so at the last minute. From our Uhaul cancelling on us 6 hours before the expected pick up. To having a house full of people visit for graduation while also prepping for an out of state move. To having to be out of the house quickly so we can get on the road in a timely fashion.

Let me pause and say this…my big sister Karla is the GOAT! She came in and helped pack that house like a pro. Without her I would likely still be standing in the middle of my closet looking clueless and anxious. Sis, YOU DID THAT!

So I’m sure you’re wondering, why move? Honestly, why not? We aren’t trees right? We can move! We aren’t rooted in anything other than our beliefs and they go where we go. Right? We decided we wanted something different. We love everyone about South Florida aesthetically, but the affordability of living the way we desire to live just wasn’t gelling. The math wasn’t mathing and COLA (cost of living adjustments) weren’t happening fast enough or at all for educators. So we bounced. Also, moving to GA puts us at an intersection for Mississippi and Florida. We can to get to each respective family in a reasonable amount of time versus having to strategically decide when we would see our family in Mississippi which was usually only once or twice a year. My Mom will be 80 this year and I need the girls to be able to enjoy their grandmother and I want to enjoy her as well.

So why not move to Mississippi?

I am not there yet. Would we one day hope to live there. Absolutely! Own some farm land and really relax and grow old. Most definitely. But while we are still young with young kids we want to be where we can access the things we enjoy the most.

Has it been hard?

Not really but definitely an adjustment. In a new state, new town, new job…all in with everything sight unseen and relying solely on faith and favor. I’m grateful for the relationships that I have built and can lean on to guide me in transitioning. I’m super proud of my husband for being confident in my vision and willing to walk with me in faith because that took guts! So yea it has been hardly but only for moments at a time. The overall vibe is “evolution“ and I love it!

What next?

We are rebranding in sense. The Glittergang is growing up and doing their own things and we are becoming more comfortable with sharing our story so Martin’s Always Right will surely flourish! I’m excited to tap into even more Dope Black Women as I dip in and out of the beauty that is all things melanated in the Atlanta Metro Area. I’ll definitely be sharing more mental health nuggets and hopefully some travel blogs. But for now, it’s just me an Mon sharing our life journey and thoughts on change and transitions while welcoming you to share yours!

I hope that you’ve been protecting your peace! As I get better adjusted to my surroundings and schedule I will be posting more. In the meantime, be sure to follow @iammichellerena on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok!



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