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Meet Ciera Thomas, YouTube's The Curly Soror

As I embarked on my natural hair journey, (for the umpteenth time), I knew it would be critical to follow those who have been on the journey a little longer in order to have the best outcome possible. I had the pleasure of meeting Ciera Thomas, a 4C naturalista, a few years ago and instantly fell in love with her natural hair. Ciera, a native of South Bay, has been natural for quite some time and has learned the tricks of the trade. Recently, she decided to take her talents to YouTube and birthed her new brand "The Curly Soror."

"Be the flow!"

Born in the midst of a global pandemic, Ciera says, "The Curly Soror is a natural hair brand to help all of the beautiful Naturalistas with their natural hair journey and to remind them that going back to our roots is ok and to learn to EMBRACE it. Our textures are the most mimicked and we have to remember that."

Ciera is learning the ropes and demands of being a YouTuber (of which I can totally relate) and making plans to extend her brand to create natural hair products and ultimately her own hair care line!

An example of what happens when Black Girl Magic meets trusting yourself, Ciera lives by the life mission of "Be the Flow!" She is truly a Dope Black Woman!

Check out our full length interview below and follow her on Instagram and YouTube!


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